Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a little warm in here

AwkwardFamily photo
I think it's time for that family photo...actually, I've heard some people look forward to these. You've got the Cables' awesome family photos. Then, there are the rockin' Millers. And the Edwardsons.

Don't even mention the Whittakers.

But I'm more afraid they'll end up looking like:
AwkwardFamily photo

or even:
AwkwardFamily photo

But it might be in my genes. Here's my family:Yeah, I'm not in that picture. Apparently, they were too busy spoiling me to take any more family shots once I was born. That's how I ended up with this sparkling personality.

Here's a nice one of my dad and two of my uncles:Now, don't they look like fun?

So now the planning begins!

And thanks, Los for this great time waster!


idiot said...

I want to do an awkward family photo now. That was too funny. Loved this blog entry Annie! We miss seeing you. Hey! We should have you and the kids over for a BBQ this summer!

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE THESE!! That was great- I needed a laugh...