Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm back!

Ok, like I was going to blog everyday, right? And I haven't, okay? So sue me.

I've had pneumonia. Pure, utter, total exhaustion. But what are you supposed to do? One of the docs here said he had it and couldn't get out of bed for four days.... Well, sorry. I have to work. And cook. And clean. And walk the dog. And finish moving. And go to the store. And play with my babies. And do laundry.

I'm holding firm on the no-dating rule. Hasn't been hard, as I haven't met anyone who can make my heart beat faster. It's sad and pathetic, but true.

I am getting my hair cut tonight. What a wonderful thing! In less than an hour, I'll have a new look. Good or bad, it doesn't matter, because it will grow out.

The Princess has strep butt. What's that? Ha. You never heard of it? Ha. I couldn't figure out why she would have a diaper rash, but she did. So I just kept slapping on the Butt Paste. Then I'd forget about it until the next time she mentioned it. Finally had her in to the doc for her check-up. He took one look and said "Strep Butt." I guess it sounds better than peri-anal streptococcus. Nice. 10 days of oral and topical antibiotics later, 3 clear days, and now it's back. Poor munchkin. She was on crutches a couple weeks ago for a sprained ankle. Darn, she was cute, and I didn't get a single pic. We'll stage some this weekend, maybe.

I feel like crap on a cracker, so I guess I'll stop typing now. It's almost time for a sad, pathetic weekend.