Saturday, May 2, 2009

But it sticks to my thighs

I love learning from my son as he learns from me.

Just today, he taught me what an aglet is.

And I shared the meaning of ferrule with him.

And I did something else today FOR. THE. VERY. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I popped popcorn. On the stove....with only a pan and some oil. My mom used to make it that way all the time. I started with JiffyPop and graduated to microwave, with a short stop at an air-popper in between.

And we melted butter. Real butter.

The look on his face when he took the first bite was priceless...but, of course, I didn't have my camera ready. I'm just not like Ree or MckMama. I'm not a good photographer.

His words?

"Moooo-oooom. Butter is AWESOME!"

My poor deprived child.

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