Saturday, November 12, 2016

From Pillbox Hat to nothing at all, in no time flat

This is not a political post.

Lately, I've noticed the bulk of the posts on Facebook fall into two categories: Hatred and fear of either those who voted for our President Elect or those who voted against him....or kittens. Okay, maybe not just kittens, but you get the idea. People, including me, have been posting "light and fluffy" to distract us from very real fears. There is nothing wrong with either type of post, but I'm diving back into blogging with something a little different. Just a little.

When I was a little girl Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) was First Lady. She was the epitome of style, grace and elegance. I imagined growing up and dressing just like her. My mother did - from the hat to the gloves to the full-skirted dresses. I loved watching my mother get ready, and couldn't wait until I was old enough to dress the same.

Eight years ago, everyone was in an uproar because Michelle Obama wore something sleeveless. We got over it. Boy, did we get over it. She has an elegance and style that many emulate and no one blinks an eye at armpits anymore.

Will our daughters seek to be just like our new First Lady?

By the way, the parental controls I've set on my home router do not allow me to even read the linked article without me overriding them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And this is why some animals eat their young....

I know you all had kids young. I didn't. Ended up adopting at 40. Maybe it was 41? I can't remember right now, but what's the difference, anyway...

Before I say anything else, I say this. I love my kiddos BEYOND MEASURE. Seriously. But I just have to vent, and this is a safe place. You know the sit-coms where teenage girls are snarky to their parents or roll their eyes...and the parents lift a glass of wine together or laugh about it? That's what I covet. That's the hardest part....doing this alone, and coping with a 13 year old girl.

Anyone who's done it before me, and anyone who will do it after. I lift my glass to you. Forever and always.