Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today started out as one of those days. Gloomy outside and in. The kids were sleeping. I got up and fed the dog & the cat, and started my coffee.

After my shower, I was drying my hair and reading. One of the weird things I do. I aim the blow dryer at my head with one hand, and turn pages with the other. I'm reading "The Irrestistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne. I started crying - the beauty of his words and his work, moved me to tears. This is a book that will change my life.

The kids got up. They dawdled. They complained - okay, just Emme. She wants to wear this skirt, but it doesn't have pockets. She wants to wear this shirt, but I won't let her.

Driving to work, I just felt overwhelmed. I know so many people have it so much harder, but it's not easy being a single mom. Yes, their dad is involved, and I'm thankful, but I hate the fact that my son doesn't have a strong man of God to lead him at home. What I do just doesn't seem but a shadow of what he needs.

But Jake gave me the biggest hug ever when I dropped him off today. And I got to work and two drug reps had brought in breakfast treats for us. And one of the Medical Assistants asked if I was okay and gave me a hug. And my neighbor is in the paper.

I'm so blessed to have Justin as a neighbor. He was right there my first day in the complex to offer to help. He's helped me lug in groceries, loaned me extension cords, and his shop-vac. He's always got a smile, and is always willing to help anyone. The work he does is amazing, and not many people can do it. The article is actually a tribute to his employer, but I think it shows the pride he takes in his work.

So, today is looking up.


B.Rubble said...

Our lives are filled with tension and stress, and the little moments never seem to come fast enough, or often enough. The amount of stress I see you under is amazing and scary! I complain that my back hurts and we live in a hotel for now, but you are tasked with the most important job that can possibly be taken, parent. Look in the Bible, the Lord tells us exactly what our penance will be should we "mess" with one of his children. I only hope that you realize that you are doing a wonderful job, and that there is no way anyone could do it better. You are strong, funny, intelligent, beautiful, and last but certainly not least, giving of yourself. Look at yourself at least once a week in the mirror and say "I'm an amazing Woman" for you are! My Mother couldn't handle being a single parent, it literally drove her to some serious issues. Get your support team in place, lean on em when you must, and hey...why haven't you asked Justin out for a drink or something lady? Child care? I'm sure SOMEONE in the church body would watch the kids for an hour or two if you needed it. They wont burst into flames, the oceans won't dry up, and you will have a good time I'd imagine...

Hal Johnson said...

I'm glad your day ended better than it started.

Do you really read while you dry your hair?

That's okay. I'd list some of the "funny" things my wife does, but I don't wanna end up in the doghouse.

Unknown said...

I really read while I dry my hair (if you saw it, you'd believe it). I also read while cooking. That's why I love making risotto!

B.Rubble said...

Hal..wise man...veeerrrry wise man. lol