Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This boy knocks me out

Yesterday the Prince had a doctor's appointment. My ex offered to take him, as I had a meeting scheduled at work. The appointment was at 2:30.

At 2:45 I got out of my meeting, and noticed a voice mail on my cell phone. Yup, it's his dad. "Sorry, I lost track of time, I'm leaving my office right now. Can you call the doctor and tell him we'll be late?" They arrived at the doctor's office promptly at 3:10. Thankfully, the doctor was still able to see him. I wish I'd been there - my motherwit tells me I need to talk to the doctor about something he brushed off yesterday, and my ex didn't pursue. But anyway....

After the appointment, the ex was to bring Jake to my work to hang out with me until 5. He'd never been here before, so you'd think he'd walk his son in to the office. We're located in a pretty busy strip mall. Jake's only been here with me, and I use the employee's entrance, always kept locked. But, no. He dropped him off right in front of the door Jake told him to, and drove away before realizing Jake couldn't get in a locked door. Thankfully, my son is smart enough to walk around the building until he found the front door.

I left Jake in my office while I attended to some work. He wanted to use my typewriter, so I got him some paper. He asked to use one of my stamps. When I returned, he forbid me to look at his work until it was ready.

He is so awesome.

I am so blessed.

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Erica said...

How sweet. What a sweet boy you have.