Thursday, April 17, 2008

From 60 to 0 - in under 60 seconds

That's how quickly things can change.

My dearest friend is soon to be a grandmother. I remember her daughter's wedding just last year, in early fall - the young couple so full of hope and love. They have wonderful dreams for their future. Within a month, she was pregnant, and they were sooooo excited.

Then came the sonogram that showed a serious, but treatable, birth defect. No doctors in Redding would touch her. But there are wonderful doctors at UC Davis, and the defect can be corrected shortly after birth. Okay, maybe he'll be in the hospital for a few months, but the outcome looks good.

Until today. Another sonogram. Another defect, not even related to the first. One that, when combined with other structural malformations (see above) very often, most often, has an adverse prognosis. And an unthinking tech, who said the unthinkable, "Too bad it's too late to abort."

This mom-to-be has shown such strength and love for her child. This is one of those times that I have to ask - why does this have to happen? I know they love this baby so much. I know that God will comfort them. I know that it's at times like this - when things are about as awful as you can imagine - that's God's compassion is shown. I know with all my heart that God can work anything that happens for His good. But sometimes it's hard to see what you know. It's hard to say the right thing. Is there a right thing?

So I'll do the only things I know how. I'll take them dinner tonight. And I'll pray. And I'll cry with them, if that's what they need. And I'll even question God, because I know He's big enough to take it.

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