Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is this why teachers drink?

Dear 3rd grade teacher,

First of all, let me thank you for helping to inspire my son in his life of learning. I really do get that my son loves to go to school, and is just soaking up anything you throw at him like a sponge. You are a teacher who truly does this because you love kids and you love teaching them. It's not just a job....if it was, would you and the other teachers at your school all have taken VOLUNTARY PAY CUTS to keep even one teacher from being laid off or one program from being cut?

And 3rd grade has to be fun. For one thing, they don't wet their pants on the playground anymore. And their romantic escapades should be enough to keep you in blogdom for ever.

But I need to ask you a question.

How many 3rd graders, no matter how computer savvy they are, actually know how to type beyond hunt and peck? Yes, I know that this makes them disturbingly similar to half the executives I've worked with. But....none, that I know of. And I conducted a highly scientific poll while accompanying the class on a field trip last week.

Now, I know that the history paper that you assigned can be either type-written or WRITTEN IN YOUR NEATEST HANDWRITING. These are 3rd graders...what are they going to do? Right. Bribe their mothers into typing for them.

And while I'm on this subject - what is wrong with me? Why do I still call it typing? It's keyboarding, and I know better.

Oh, yes - and the research that needed to be done. Right. Research on the Internet. Write a business letter asking for information. Interview a grown-up who knows about the subject.

Write the paper - with a title page and a bibliography. These are THIRD GRADERS!

Amazing. Thank you. My son is writing a pretty interesting paper. He's learned a lot. And so have I. I've learned my son is capable of pretty much anything thrown at him.

Except the typing part.

So, honestly...what's a parent to do? Do I let him write it out, painstakingly...or do I type it so that it looks just like everyone else's?

Just curious. And by the way - thanks for inspiring my son.

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J. said...

I hate to say it but I would make him write it out, tha is what I do to mine and since I am a teacher I balk at teh idea of any kid trying to tyoe that much. It would take days!