Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did I mention that I just love The Myriad?

I do. They rock. They (ok, some of the guys) are from my little old town of Redding (although they CLAIM Seattle) and THEY WON the MTV2 Mountain Dew Circuit Breakout (say THAT three times fast) in 2007. They play amazingly great music, and the guys I've met (Jeremy and Randy) are very down-to-earth, great guys.

And, if you've been reading my blog for long, you know that Randy is currently fighting mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. It's cancer, and it sucks. It sucks bad.

He and his wife Krystin have been so amazingly upbeat through his diagnosis, surgery, and chemo. And now she's asking for help. She needs prayers.

If you want to know more about Randy, you can just click on his video to the right of this very post. He's the blonde guy...or he was. Kind of bald now, but it looks good on him.

His lovely wife keeps us all posted on what's going on via her blog. If you're too lazy to click on that link I just gave you, here's what she has to say today:

He had blood work done yesterday that showed his red blood count was low and his white blood cell count was even lower. That's what helps him fight off illness. They haven't been this low until now. Yesterday, he started having all over nerve pain and his bones were aching. Last night, he didn't sleep well at all and his sinuses are killing him. Hopefully it's just allergies, but if he starts getting a cough or more body aches, he will have to to into the hospital to hopefully keep whatever he has from going into pneumonia. This is the first time i have been scared throughout all of this. I'm trying to keep my anxiety from him, but he is so stubborn that i'm afraid he will keep his sickness from me in order to tough it out. Even his Dr. gets frustrated with him.

He has another blood test today, but that won't do much other than say his counts are up or down. He won't run a fever even if he's sick because his WBC is so low. Fever's are GOOD!!! It's our body's natural defense. It means you fighters are fighting. He doesn't have any, maybe 2...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray he gets healthy!

So....if you're the praying kind, pray. If you're not, pray anyway. It'll do both you and Randy good.

Thankful you're reading this, and thankful for my very healthy family,

Update: According to Krystin, Randy is doing much better now. Thank you!

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