Thursday, December 27, 2007

So, the date was blah. Shouldn't have gotten in a lather about it. Nice enough guy, no chemistry. Good food - I had the Ma Po Tofu. And I'm never dating again.

Chinese again tonight. One of my previous coworkers is moving out of the area, and we are having a little party in her honor. Potluck without the cooking. Each person brings their two fave dishes from a Chinese restaurant. I'm bringing Dry-Braised Chicken and Deep-fried Tofu with Spicy Ginger Garlic Sauce. Think about this - the restaurant is at the airport. How many towns have a popular, and good, Chinese restaurant? Called the Skyroom? I'll call it in, pick it up, and hopefully won't forget to get my parking ticket validated this time!

Had an awful nightmare about my ex-husband last night. Remarried him, only to have him run off with a 22-year-old blonde between the ceremony and the reception.

I think my blogs are more interesting when my kids are home.

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Hal Johnson said...

Yeah, dating is just an awful way to get to know someone. I didn't get married until the age of thirty-eight, and when women would ask me, "So, you're asking me out on a date?", I'd answer, "No, I'm asking you out to go do something." So, okay, I was a big chicken.

I'm glad he didn't try to blindfold you.