Monday, December 17, 2007

it's been a while.

I promised myself I'd write every day, and I haven't. I did write a couple insignificant blogs on MySpace, but that doesn't count.

I was trying to remind myself this morning, early this morning, ok - 4:00 this morning if you want to be precise - why I've decided not to date. I ran though some of the high points of my dating life inside my head......

Yes, the names have been changed to protect the idiotic.

Sue. I call him this, because he had a girl's name. Ok, the baby name book said it could be an either/or name, but - it's a girl's name. He's 51. Never been married. Brought his yorkie on the date, which he was 10 minutes late for. I was just getting ready to leave. He talked a lot about his mother. She's dead. He loves ballroom dancing and wine collecting. He's a very popular bachelor in town - I see him out at every event with a hot little blonde on his arm. I don't get it. Against my better judgment, I agreed to a second date - shoot me, I thought ballroom dancing might be fun. He. stood. me. up.

Bruce. I walked in to Starbucks to meet him - he was in the corner. Very tall and skinny, weird haircut - like he hadn't changed it since high school. He had a fanny pack - not just any fanny pack, it was patchwork leather. Overstuffed. He was searching for his Starbucks card. Impressive. He'd told me on the phone that he was into some kind of martial arts...I asked for was that Ultimate Fighting! That's not a martial art - it's assault with intent to sell advertising. He became quite angry when I told him I just didn't feel the connection. Surprise, surprise.

More to come - believe me, there is more to come.

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