Monday, July 14, 2008

This is what it feels like

This is what it feels like to be loved, to be cared for, to be blessed.

The wonderfully insightful folks at the Stirring planned a "Single Mom Saturday." Someone apparently knows what it's like to go it alone. Worrying about the kids, the bills, the car (especially the car - that wonderfully-made mechanical contraption that takes us where we want to go - mostly).

Now my car was a mess. Stickers in the back windows. There was a time in our lives when Jake had many, many doctor appointments and to cheer him up, I let him apply the stickers to the inside of his window. Now both rear windows were covered. Someone ran into my car in the Anderson Safeway parking lot last year, and I haven't been able to afford the deductible (and after wrecking 2 cars in the last 4 years, I don't want my premiums to go up more, anyway!).

I'd removed the stickers recently, but you can tell I have kids - spilled messes on the seats and carpet. Lollipops and popcorn, juice and smoothies.

So, Saturday morning we met at the Stirring. There were two photographers waiting, and they took pictures of me & my offspring. Then, some wonderful young women watched our kidlets, fed them pizza and kept them entertained while we were escorted to Tierra Oaks for lunch!

Now, if you haven't been there - YOU NEED TO GO. YOU NEED TO EAT AT TIERRA OAKS. Right now. Don't wait. Sean Gafner is the chef, and he's truly an artist. We spent a VERY relaxing time enjoying our lunches (the coconut chicken special was superb!) and having our iced teas and lemonades refilled. A decadent dessert. Ah, it was wonderful.

Then we returned to the Stirring to find our cars had been completely detailed! My car is beautiful again! The kids have been ordered to have nothing but water inside (we'll see how long it lasts!). I was even advised that I needed a quart of oil.

It made me remember the wonderful days when my ex-husband would wash my car and change the oil for me. Very well cared for. Those times now are few and far between.

I am so incredibly thankful for my Stirring family. They are the best. Because they know that we are all dependent on one another, and it's easy to help another. And I know I'll try and pass on that wonderful feeling.

Oh, and on a side note. My ex-husband is NO LONGER dating the woman in my complex. I saw her at the pool Sunday, and she told me that she things that we have some "unresolved issues" and should get back together. Apparently, she's a counselor, and "knows these things." Too bad we don't.


Hal Johnson said...

A woman your ex-husband was dating tells you that the two of you should get back together? Hm.

It sounds like your latest Stirring gathering happened at a good time. Good for you and all of the other moms.

Marilyn said...

Wow.. I didn't have time to hear all that when you called on Sunday. Sounds like a great time! You deserve it, so good on ya, mate. I do want to hear more about these unresolved issues... sounds like you agree with her. this is new, been hiding something from me?
I'm heading to SF for the next couple of days with a busload from my union. protesting American Idol up there...haha. but a free trip so what the heck... I'll call when I get back for more details!!
Love ya

lusia said...

hi I have read some of your post.very interesting.thank you for sharing with us,have a great weekend.

Keith said...

Annie, I hate uninvited counsel...

we all have them, and they all stink.....ho hum...

To you, I will say thank you for your visit, and know my health care is in God's hands.

I promised my lady friend, I will keep all mjy appointments, and I counsel with her and Mom on my But decisions regrding that...

As fer my n eurosurgeon, I think she is a godsend. Wants to avoid surgery. But I have to visit another doctor now.... God's hands, not mine

Anonymous said...

eyes and heart open will + wise discernment - you'll be guided on anything and everything wil grace.