Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks, my plate is full.

I was just telling a new friend that writing helps me process life...so here goes. Kind of like a stream of literary vomit.

School starts in 2 1/2 weeks! The kids are sick of day camp. One friend has terminal cancer, and we're just praying she can be cured. She has two wonderful YOUNG children she adopted, and they would be two motherless daughters...as am I, so I know the road that lies ahead. One friend has cancer and is having surgery tomorrow and they'll stage it. Her husband has heart disease and has had several TIAs (precursor to strokes). One friend's daughter took her own life. Sadly, she was an incredibly troubled young woman, and was facing a lifetime in prison. I pray she has found peace. I know that suicide is a sin, but I believe that some people are so ill that it's truly the only way they see - and I know that God understands. My computer is on it's last legs, but I'm getting a new one. I have a great boss, and he's going to buy it and let me make payments. Any recommendations? My daughter is going through great trials right now. She starts group therapy next week. Jake's birth family showing up has thrown HER for a loop. I wasn't expecting that, but I should have. She's so sweet and sensitive. My great neighbors are moving out, and I have no idea who'll move in. I see the pain specialist (shouldn't he be called the anti-pain specialist?) Friday. I'm going to be getting some nerve blocks in my back, and if they work, I'll have radiofrequency ablation done. My doc says it's either that or a fusion. I'm amazed the insomnia hasn't hit until tonight, but I've had a couple painkillers and they're not working.

I'm going camping with my kids and some friends this weekend, and packing for a camping trip is always overwhelming to me. And I always forget things.

Ack. I'll get through, by the grace of God. But tonight, I stress.

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