Friday, July 11, 2008

When life throws you a twist

Life's always interesting. I've heard there was an ancient curse - "May your life always be interesting." Well, some may think there's a curse in there. I wouldn't say that. But, things in my life have definitely been happening that make me scratch my head and wonder.

Some people have come back into my life that I didn't know I'd ever see again. I cut off contact with them, because I believed that the relationship we had wasn't positive for my son. Now, I'm having to rethink the entire issue, basically alone (I had my ex-husband's input before - now he's just saying he's sure I can handle it). Of course, we have an awesome adoptive parent "liaison" who would offer great counsel - and she's on vacation until the end of the month. I think she's actually been evacuated from her home because of the fires, so I can't even grumble about that.

So, I'm spending even more time in prayer, because this isn't something I can do alone. I've realized that I am the kind of person who flips out first, thinks later. Not a bad attribute if one is in a burning house, but not necessarily helpful here.

My back has been causing me to feel older than my already advanced years, but there's hope on the horizon. I'm seeing a pain specialist soon, who will try a temporary nerve block. If it works, then he'll be able to do something called a radiofrequency ablation. I don't think that's a new dance. If it doesn't work, they're talking about some fusing thing. I'll think I'll leave fusing to all the crafters out there, and try to Eat for Life. Dr. Furhrman's plan is supposed to cure arthritis.

My darling, wonderful son decided he wanted his "skater boy" hair cut. He wanted it really short, and I thought that was a good idea, since the mercury has been topping 110. I got out my trusty clippers and started going at it. Now, if you've ever done this before, you may have a different technique than mine, but I basically just start mowing it down with not even the approximation of doing it evenly. Once it's all at a reasonably short level, THEN I start trying to add some style in.

About three minutes in, he decided a haircut wasn't for him! So he looked - unique. That's all I can say. Thankfully, his dad was able to talk him into a little trip to Supercuts today and he looks cute and cool.

So. My week in a nutshell. You're probably thinking - wow - I wish my life had so little drama, right? I mean people in this world have much worse things going on. I know that. I know that right at this moment a good friend of mine is fighting a seemingly losing battle with cancer. I know that several of my friends have been evacuated from their homes because of wildfires. Believe me, I am incredibly thankful for all that I have, and realize that these problems are very small. But they're mine....and I still have to find a way to work through them now.

Oh, wait! I forgot something....

Tuesday night I took my lovely munchkins to the pool - we are incredibly lucky to live in a great complex, and one of the amenities is a great pool/spa area. I feel like I'm at a resort when I go out there! Our apartment overlooks the pool. I was a bit worried about that at first, but since the pool closes at 10, and we have really great neighbors, it's been much more of a blessing than a curse. So, we ventured out into the hot, smoky evening for a cool, refreshing dip....and who's out there? MY EX-HUSBAND! Yeah. Nice.

Sometimes on a Saturday before he drops the kids off, they'll spend some time at the pool. I think it's wonderful. Well, it got really wonderful last week. Apparently, he met a lovely woman - WHO LIVES RIGHT HERE IN MY COMPLEX! So, now, when I get home from work, I get to gaze out on the sight of them all snuggly by the pool. Isn't that just great? How lucky am I?

Well, tomorrow I'm off to be pampered. Thanks to the incredibly wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful folks at the Stirring, I'm having my picture taken with the kids (by a professional, no less!

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