Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Stirring Family - Help!

A couple weeks ago I was reading Shane's book (rereading it now) and he talks about abortion, and how life doesn't end at birth - maybe we should consider having a pregnant girl move in.

Tonight we were getting ready to greet the Stirring kids (I'm helping out in the infant room) and one of the girls had a prayer request...she needs a place to stay - NOW. Roommate issues necessitated her moving out, she's been staying on couches, and is running out of options. Without thinking, I offered my son's room - he sleeps on a mattress in my room, so it's basically just storage right now. And she accepted! And - she's five months pregnant and alone.

So, if anyone out there has some extra full-size sheets, they'd be most welcome! My son's black sheets (he loves them) show every bit of dog & cat hair, no matter how frequently they're washed. I want to offer her a little something more - girly.

Unrelated note - I was wondering today how I'd manage in the infant room - with my back. All of a sudden I got an idea - grabbed one of Jake's balls. Kind of like a tennis ball, but softer. I laid on my back and put the ball right under where it hurt. The pressure felt great. I laid there and thought about healing...and heard a very loud pop. And it's okay now! Still a bit sore, but nothing terrible. This is after two chiropractors and a physical therapist tried to get the joint back in line, without success. So, guess who I'm thanking today? PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

Off to straighten up Jake's room, as our newest friend arrives tomorrow!


KalynRebecca said...

Thank you for leaving me comments, I really appreciate them. I would love to meet you one of these days. And, I'm fairly certain we have at least one, maybe two extra sets of full size sheets, though it would probably be Tuesday before I could get them to you, I'm working a double shift tomorrow (so I'll pretty much be busy all day and into the evening). So, if you want the sheets, I guess just leave me a comment or email me at Go with God~

Bethany Joy Hardy said...

I was amazed and excited to see God meeting your needs practically on Sunday! Praise the Lord who constantly amazes me!

emilyrose said...

Wow, I can't believe I'm just now getting around to reading this blog. Annie, what you are doing in the Stirring is amazing, and I'm so happy to have you as part of our Stirring Kids team. I love to see your smiling face each time you are there. And can you believe the things God is doing right under our nose? Pretty crazy huh? Well, I have some extra full size sheets that I would be more than happy to give you and Josie. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. See you soon!