Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Make a Mother's Heart Stop

Went to bed early last night. Woo hoo. I have "nesty" kids. They like to sleep with me. The three of us share a two-bedroom apartment. Jake has his own room, and Emme and I share a bedroom. It's plenty big enough for her twin bed, my queen bed, two dressers, a toybox, and a bookcase. I've finally been able to get the kids out of my nice queen bed by putting Jake's mattress on my floor. He doesn't like being in his room by himself. Frankly, I can't blame him. It's a new concept, a room to oneself. Kids almost always grew up sharing rooms. Heck, when I was in a foster home in high school, we averaged 20 people in a five bedroom house. Even with a couple kids on a sofabed in the living room, and a couple of rollaways, we still had at least four to a bedroom. And I loved it.

So, last night, Emme was sound asleep in her bed. I put Jake to bed about 8:30, and decided to crawl into bed myself. Back pain has necessitated medications that make me sleeeepy. I read for a few minutes, then nodded off.

Something woke me at 11:15. I was having a strange dream (funny how I remembered it then, but can't now). Decided to get up for a glass of water. I looked over at Emme, sleeping peacefully. Tried to pull her thumb out of her mouth. Hah.

Looked down at Jake's bed. No Jake. Hmmmm, he must have climbed into my bed. No Jake. Maybe he went into his own room???? No Jake. Okay, maybe he was having trouble sleeping, and went downstairs. No Jake. By now, I'm panicking. Searching everywhere. Doors are still double locked. What in the world? Calm down. Search logically.


Sound asleep. The cat was next to him on one side, and the dog on the other. I looked under both sides of the bed, to see if I could pull him out. I was afraid I'd wake him up, so I left him there. This morning he had no memory of sleeping under the bed, as when we woke up this morning - he was back IN MY BED.

By the way, if you seem him, don't tell him you saw a picture of him wearing a necklace. Just tell him his glasses are cool, okay?


Keith said...

You are too cool!

Hal Johnson said...

Too funny! Well, okay, too funny after you found him.

Leah said...

I have been looking for you to tell you thank you for the wonderful dinner you brought my family a little while back. And now I've found you! Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness (and the carrot salad was amazing, I need the recipe). Blessings!