Friday, November 1, 2013

Five long years

What a difference five years make. Everyone says, "Enjoy every minute. Time flies so fast." I know they're right...but still I'm continually astounded. This was five long years ago:

My princess was Hannah Montana, back before Miley washed her hands of Disney and delight, and traded them for flash and skin. My boy was a Stormtrooper, following his method of refusing to wear the current year's costume and ending up in the last year's. Happened every year until last, when he suddenly was "too old" to trick or treat. Also, you can't catch him in a photo with his sister, because they continually pick at each other.

This year, my sweet girl was a cheerleader, and this photo gives a hint of the woman she'll become. Visiting houses with a friend, because brother wouldn't go, and stayed home with dad.

Sweet memories, old and new. I treasure them all.

The dog? He still looks the same.


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