Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fight like Susan

Blogs can be wonderful; blogs can be terrible. Blogs can teach, entertain, challenge, disgust....when someone finds a blog she likes, she can spread the news like wildfire.

Sometimes I hopscotch through the web of blogdom. A link here, a mention there. Before I know it, I'm six degrees from where I began and two degrees back to someone I know.

For the first time, yesterday I met a blog friend, Hal from Dispatches from the Away-Dad Nation. We've been reading and commenting on each other's blogs for some time. I love reading about his wife and son, and his travels while flying helicopters. Our sons are close in age, and he writes wonderful stories. Wow - he's much taller than his photo.

Through blogs, I've tried new recipes, laughed new laughter, cried new tears. I've prayed and watched and waited; rejoiced and linked and joined. I've stayed up far too late; read until my eyes were far too weary.

One of my favorite blogs was found through a link from someone else - truly, I don't exactly remember. Was it Ree from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman? Probably. I've found some great bloggers through Ree. One of these days I'm gonna make that drive to the ranch and cook with her, I swear. Or maybe I'll just let her cook for me. I'll sleep in the Lodge, ride a horse, and laugh A LOT...I know this.

It's, written by Elden. You'll find it just over there on the right.

I can ride a bike. I'm not a cyclist. I'd like to be, but I'm not.

But that's not why I've read his blog. Though his posts on cycling are interesting, even to the non-cyclist, I've really been reading to follow the story of his wife, Susan.

Win, Susan.

How many comments did I leave that ended with these words?

Susan was fighting a battle with cancer, and today she died. Though I knew it was coming, it was still a shock to read the words.

Do yourself a favor. Hug your kids, kiss your spouse, write your sibling, call your parent, call your friend. Read Elden's blog, and most of all:


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Hal Johnson said...

Wow. I hadn't checked Elden's blog in a week or so. My heart goes out to him and the rest of the family. Susan is a remarkable human being.

It is true that I'm taller than my photo, but my photo is much more sophisticated and witty, and seldom gets in hot water with my wife.