Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And good times were had by all

Last weekend we camped. Camping for me, as a single mom, has consisted of weekends with me doing EVERYTHING or family camps in grungy cabins where I don't have to do ANYTHING. This time I was going to do things differently.

Once I'd picked the spot, I invited my friend Jessica and her son along. He's 10, and just a year older than my Prince. At the last moment, a mutual friend decided to join us - her daughter is just a few months younger than my Jelly Bean.

We were going to leave at 3. Then 4. Then 5. We got on the road about 6:30. Lassen Volcanic National Forest isn't far at all, thankfully.

Once we arrived, Jessie and I started setting up tents while Melissa BBQed...yum. It was truly a weekend of fantastic food!

This was the view from our campsite.

I could NOT keep my kids clean! We went through almost an entire container of wipes (conversation overheard and remembered: Mom, there was a lady in the bathroom using butt wipes ON HER FACE!) and frequented the bathroom sinks, but I eventually gave up. They were having fun!

Of course, the adults weren't far behind in the dirt factor:

The kids decided to dig to China, even though my Prince told everyone they'd never make it through the magma:

The girls had fun eating and drinking:

It was a great time of making memories. We'll return soon, and I'm going to do some climbing!

Have a great summer!


Unknown said...

Lovely pics! Why not have a go have a go at making some your very own skittle game - cheap, lots of fun making them and even more playing - see how many you knock down! Have fun with friends and family playing this summer

Vodka Mom said...

absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

The kids are adorable.......

Unknown said...