Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vacation time

Vacation -

Drive to LA - 11 hours. Yes, I know there are folks that make it in 8 1/2, but I was the only driver, and I had my two kids with me. They were GREAT travelers, but we stopped often at rest areas to blow bubbles, turn cartwheels, climb trees, and generally burn off some energy.

Sunday - We met Marilyn's son, Ian, and his wife, Alexis, at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Awesome mall - Jake & I rode the ferris wheel and we saw an IMAX movie.

Monday - Disneyland and California Adventure! Turns out Emme wasn't quite ready for it - she's only 6, and everything was loud and scary. But she had a great time hanging out people watching and shopping, and got more into everything as the day went on. She loved Soaring over California - I'd never been on it before, and it's my new favorite! And she really enjoyed the Go Coaster in ToonTown. Jake had a blast on everything! He and I got the front row on Space Mountain - I think it was my first time in the front row there.

Tuesday - We went to the Santa Monica pier. This was one of my favorite places when I was little. We played on the beach, chased waves and found sea shells, then walked down the pier.

Wednesday we drove home - another 11 hours. Jake then played his last game of the hockey season and he got a trophy! He was very excited, and he really played a great game.

It was a wonderful time, thanks to my friend Marilyn!


Keith said...

Annie, I am happy you get respite. This trip sounds wonderful. Blowing bubbles is always therapeutic... Ash Lawrence Welk

idiot said...

THAT sounds like a GREAT vacation. Kinda jealous actually.
Space mountain front row is awesome.