Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Girl in the Window

I take it back. I take it all back. Every complaint I've ever made. Every wimpy excuse, every time I've complained about my health, my family, my children.

A few years ago, my eye was drawn to a book about Genie, the feral child found in the 70s, at the Shasta County Library. My heart broke for her. At the same time I was repelled by her story, I was drawn to it. A child, never loved, never nurtured, never taught the simplest tasks by a loving parent. It's inconceivable. We read of the children in Romanian orphanages, the children who grow to suffer from Reactive Attachment Disorder. We can't believe it, and we rush to adopt them, thinking that love will fix anything. Somtimes it can, especially if the child is very young, but unfortunately, not in every case.

Our love doesn't fix everything. We have proof. Some say the Unabomber suffered from RAD. Other stories are equally troubling. But the healing power of God can fix anything...he's working through a family in Florida. They are His arms, cradling a child. His voice, singing to her and soothing her.

As I read the article about the girl in the window, watched the video, listened to the audio, I thought of Genie, and I pray - I know - that Dani will fare better. She's loved and cherished by a family.

Read the article from the St. Petersburg Times here. After you've read the article, check out the audio and video.

Get a box of tissues ready. And if you're willing, and if you're able, call Wanda Lamb, the Recruitment Specialist for foster care for Shasta County. She can be reached at 530-225-5858. She helped guide me through my own licensing nine years ago. I know her well.


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Keith said...

Reading your thoughts does my heart good.