Saturday, March 22, 2008

My little runaway, run-run-run-run runaway....

I did it! I finally did it! I SANG KARAOKE! I got up in front of a mess of people (I had to say that, it was kind of like a country bar, I think) and sang two songs. Not by myself, and certainly not well, but I DID IT!!!!!! And it was fun. Of course, I'm quite the performer in other ways, so I had no problem getting up there, smiling, dancing, working the crowd, buh-aye-bee.

Whew. Glad that one's off the list.

Tomorrow is Easter. New beginnings. Hope. Incredible love. Incomprehensible, yet absolutely true. I'm so glad that to me, Easter is about the fact that Jesus rose from the dead - he left the tomb.

Because, frankly, the Easter Bunny freaks me out. OK, I've said it. I don't know where it started. I had a frequent childhood nightmare of a giant Easter Bunny chasing me up and down the aisles of the grocery store (days before supermarkets, for you young clucks). I still can't stand to run into one of those, those, CREATURES. I came upon one unexpectedly at the bank on Thursday. AT THE BANK!!! What were they thinking??? You're supposed to be safe there. I was thinking that maybe it was the immovable face that disturbs me. But I love Mickey Mouse, so that's not it. Maybe I'll never know. But I usually spend the weeks leading up to Easter avoiding the little monster. The mall is out. Have to check before entering any of the big discount stores - they'll usually warn with a sign out front.

Aw, well. That's okay. I still give my kids Easter baskets. We have fun hunting for eggs. But we know what it's really about.

Went to dinner last night with the royalty and my ex-husband. Yes, I say that off-handedly, even though it's the first meal we've shared in what - 3 years??? OK, 3 years, 2 months, 21 days.

It was nice. He invited me to Red Robin. Not a date folks, I haven't broken that resolution. I would have thought the kids would be thrilled. Emme and Jake kept kicking each other under the table. Sweet niblets.

And on another topic

From Faye Kellerman, one of my favorite authors:

"In Hebrew, the word Korban - sacrifice - doesn't literally mean sacrifice. The root work comes from the word 'to become close.' An offering to God is not for His sake, it is for our sake.

God doesn't need sacrifices. But by sacrificing to God, it draws us close to Him.

When Jews sacrificed to God, there was a covert message that they were thanking God for letting them live. The animal's life was in their hands, just like their lives were in God's hands."

Christ is Risen!
He is risen indeed.....

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