Sunday, May 22, 2011

No need to teach an old dog new tricks, when she can learn on her own.

I asked the associate at Best Buy what was so much better about the Sony Streaming Player than the Roku...they were out of Roku and she had just told me the Sony was "way, way, way better." She did repeat way three times. Not two, as that would have meant it wasn't fully awesomeized, I suppose.

"Ummm, let me go ask (so she bothered to tell me it was way, way, way better without knowing anything about it?)...ok, he told me all this technical stuff, so I'll just repeat what he said. It has more stuff on it, it's DLNA, and it's wireless."

Me: "Roku is DLNA compliant (not to mention wireless and with lots of its own stuff)."

Her: "Wow! You know what that means?"

Yeah. And in the last week I have also recovered my laptop and figured out the problem with our T1 at work - way, way, way before any of the technicians who get paid 18 times more than I do.

Not bad for an old broad.

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