Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I hate about my iPhone 4

The vibration, or complete and total lack of what any human could remotely call a recognizable vibration.

I am a woman.
I work in an office.
I have no pockets in any of my work attire.
My phone must be on silent, yet my bosses call me on my cell all the time.
I feel like an idiot holding it in my hand all the I am just waiting for Justin Timberlake or Justin Beiber or Donny Osmond to call or something.
So I have to stuff it in my bra.
I. am. not. kidding.

And now you know.


Unknown said...

My phone is so sensitive, that no matter how I adjust the settings I still 1.) mute myself with my face
2.) initiate third party phone calls with my face and 3.) put whoever I'm talking to on speaker phone with my face. It's like my cheeks are too big for touch screens or something.

The bra thing is kinda hilarious...

Hal Johnson said...

I'm not touching that one. Har!