Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two days

In two days I:

Drove four 10-year-olds to San Francisco. Got stuck on I-80 behind what looked as though it must have been a horrendous wreck.

Walked four 10-year-olds around Ghirardelli Square, and tried to convince three of them they needed to eat lunch. One needed no convincing at all.

Got them to the Balclutha - laughed, cried, and made a new friend in one of the parents.

Checked into a hotel, and immediately got back on the road to drive to Santa Cruz. Only got lost once....and not badly.

Got an amazing tour by a local - got to see the devastation in the harbor from the tsunami and the aftermath of the recent flooding in Capitola. I had no idea that Capitola had suffered so much damage recently. I was stunned that I live only a few hours away and was completely in the dark about what had happened there.

Ate amazing good at a sushi place called Pink Godzilla. My new favorite place. Tried some new dishes, had some old favorites...yummmmmmm.

Drove back to San Francisco in time to fall into my hotel bed.

Got up early, picked up the same four kids, drove them down Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Explained three times why it is called the Golden Gate Bridge.

Got really homesick for the North Bay driving them home.

Survived about 14 potty stops. Deflected spats between two of them - an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend...and yes, they are 10.

Helped one of the 10 year old girls who unexpectedly got a "visitor", and was completely unprepared to have this happen on a fifth-grade field trip.

Am now completely exhausted, having a glass of wine, and contemplating bed before 8pm. Yay, me.

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