Saturday, December 5, 2009

It seems appropriate

I know I haven't been here in a while.

In order to write, one must actually make the attempt. To sit down, to put pen to paper (or more appropriately, fingers to keyboard). Haven't felt like doing this in a while.

And this morning, when I set out to write of my mother, it didn't come easily. It's been 41 years today since she passed away, and I miss her every single day. I am so sad that memories dim, but thankful for the ones that remain. Watching Alfred Hitchcock movies late at night. Making snow angels and lollipops and Barbie dresses. Being held.

She was beautiful, and smart, and courageous, and strong. When I was a baby, I'd cry when she'd sing me to sleep (so she wrote in my baby book). Now I'd give anything to hear her voice.

I wrote about her a while ago. If you haven't been following long, you can read the post here.

In loving memory of
Yvonne Marie Wilson Bakaleinikoff Oakley
June 3, 1919 - December 5, 1968

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PaintedPromise said...

Bless your heart Annie! my mother hasn't passed but i've lost her just the same... at least you know that your mother didn't have a choice...

hugs to you...