Monday, June 1, 2009

These times, they are a'tryin'

It's the last week of school.

Emotions run high with first grade girls the last week of school. There's a chance that their mothers will be SO MEAN that they will never, ever see their best friends again until school starts THE. MIDDLE. OF. AUGUST. That's like FOREVER.

They also become very attached to their teacher, who is THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. AND. SWEETEST. WOMAN. IN. THE. WORLD. EVER. And she's never, ever going to be their teacher again.

And it's a party every day - today, the Aquatic Center, tomorrow a pizza party, Wednesday is a field trip to Turtle Bay Exploration Park, and
Thursday is the Summer Stampede - a family BBQ for the whole school. That's a lot of fun and excitement for one week.

So, I guess that's why tonight's dinner went like this:

Jelly Bean Princess: Can I have some ketchup on my pasta? (Yes, I know it's gross, but their dad does it).

Me: Of course.

I then put ketchup on the pasta.

JBP: I was wrong....I don't want ketchup.

Sobbing ensues. I scrape off every bit of pasta that has ketchup on it, and give it back to her.

She takes a bite.

JBP: Mom, I think I would like ketchup after all.


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