Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's a change in the air

It's warm and lovely. Still, unfortunately filled with pollen, which wreaks havoc on my respiratory tract. It's been a nasty few weeks, and those of you who may have heard me talk can attest.

My bum hurts! Steroid shots HURT. LIKE. MAD. They burn. They keep me awake at night, and when I finally ease into slumber, they invade my dreams with pictures of the things I fear most.

Nebulizers freak me out. They make me think of sick old people, or frighteningly sick babies.

Trying to keep track of eight medications of my own (in addition to the ones my kids take daily) makes me feel as though I'm running a pharmacy.

And now my kids have lost their health insurance. Yup, my ex-husband lost his job, a casualty of the lack of building going on. (Lost his girlfriend, too..all within a couple days. Bummer for my kids ... they really liked this one).

I thank God that they are eligible for Medi-Cal, and they were deemed medically needy at the time of their adoption, but this necessitates a change in doctors for them. And probably a change in medications, since the ones they take aren't covered, and run about $250 a month for us now, WITH insurance. Oh, well. I'm thankful they have the coverage, as it would cost $300 to add them on at my work - which I just can't afford.

I'm not whining. I'm thankful, really.

And today the sun is out, and my kids are happy and healthy....we're off to the library, and the River Trail.

And yes, I'll have my rescue inhaler with me!

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