Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Official

No fireworks this weekend. I was expecting this announcement - we're surrounded by fires already. They need firefighters on hand to put on the display, and they're all busy fighting fires. The air is so smoky, and I'm sure fireworks would add to the problem.

But it still makes me sad in a way. I love fireworks. I have such great memories of watching them with my parents when I was young - you could see the reflections in the Colorado River. There was a certain excitement about getting to stay up that late, as well.

Last year we ALMOST made it through without fears...Emme still wasn't crazy about them, but Jake loved the display. Even though he has problems with the loud noises and all the people milling about - just a mild sensory integration issue - he had so much fun. I was really hoping that this year my kids would learn to love the fireworks. Anderson's announced they will have theirs on August 30, and Redding hasn't named a date yet - but you know we'll be there when it happens.


KalynRebecca said...

I really don't even like going to the fireworks, but I'm bummed anyway, because it's always a good excuse to spend time with friends and family. Last year my best friend got engaged on the fourth of July.

Keith said...

Traditio (latin, to hand down)

We love tradition, and find comfort in it. I miss fireworks, but I also crave paper to write on, film for my camera, and I am angry they created a car that can parallel park.

Some way we bond to things, to ideas, to parts of our lives. Pyrotechnics dates back several centuriues, and the families that carry on thius tradition create magnificence in their art.

I thiunk I may miss the fireworks, but that is okay