Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's my last day of freedom - er, vacation

Two weeks vacation are winding down. It's the first time I've taken two consecutive weeks since I went back to work, almost three years ago.

Felton, as always, was wonderful. Even better, since I found it was my father's favorite spot. Standing on the covered bridge was amazing. I felt such a strong connection to my parents.

The munchkins started school. Doctor Fairy Princess is in kindergarten. King of All he Surveys is in 2nd. I was the epitome of the SAHM this week. Thursday, I had a fabulous idea. It was hot, I was tired, McDonalds is cheap! We would go to the one in town with a large play structure. Excitement was in the air. We pulled into the parking lot - wrong McDonalds.....

Quickly assessing the fact, and reassuring the munchkins that I WOULD find the right one, I darted back into traffic and through the heart of Redding's very large shopping district to the huge McDonalds that housed the tallest play structure around. We walked in the door - there were hardly any patrons....King said, "Mom, this is weird. Where is everybody?" We looked into the play room - the structure was gone! No worries. We could always go to Burger - my own king decided that we absolutely had to go to the McDonalds in Anderson with an !outside! play structure.

The weather was mild for late August - it couldn't have been over 105. Posted prominently on the fence was a sign that said, "Play surfaces may become hot in hot weather." That's amazing! Dutiful mother that I am, I tried it on my tender skin - it actually was tolerable, though the air inside was stifling. Fun was had by all....

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